Guido Benedetti (Florence, 1979) graduated as a dentist in 2003 and soon he left clinical practice to embrace health cooperation and epidemiology. He worked with international organizations, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa, while obtaining a PhD in preventive dentistry (2011) and a Master of Public Health (2017). Currently, his research continues in Europe as field epidemiologist. System for human disease surveillance and social determinants of health are his primary interests.

Besides investigating on population health, Guido Benedetti carries on a self-taught artistic research on human existence by the means of painting. He elaborates on existential metaphors such as abysses, falls and oppression. Lately, he speculates on the distance between individuals and reality through the lens of landscapes.

Art is deception. We assert we can see a world.
Really, we are simply listening to a fairy-tale,
dull or charming according to the attitude
of the storyteller (Stefania)

Il faut voir la nature avec les yeux de l’esprit
et non uniquement avec les yeux du corps,
comme un être dépourvu de raison (Fénéon)

Everything seems to count
except what the work of art is about.
[…] it is high time for us to remember
that where there is no content
there can be no form (Rudolf Arnheim)